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Guatemalan Ley del Organismo Judicial, Decreto 2-89, 18.3.1989

Guatemalan Ley del Organismo Judicial, Decreto 2-89, 18.3.1989
Table of Contents

Ley del Organismo Judicial


Capítulo II - Normas de Derecho Internacional Privado

Art. 31. (Pacto de sumisión)

Translation Los actos y negocios jurídicos se rigen por la ley a que las partes se hubieren sometido, salvo que dicho sometimiento sea contrario a leyes prohibitivas expresas o al orden público.

Court Organization Act

Chapter II.- Regulations of private international law

Art. 31 (choice of law)

Original Juridicial acts and transactions are governed by the law, under which the parties have subordinated the contract, unless this choice of law is expressly contradictory to a legal prohibition or the ordre public.

Translated into English from the German translation of Jan Kleinheisterkamp contained in Kropholler, Außereuropäische IPR- Gesetze, Hamburg 1999

1Decreto 2-89, 18.3.1989; Leyes de Guatemala, Jiménez & Ayala Editores 1997

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