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TransLex Team

TransLex Team

The 2012 TransLex-Team [ Former Teams ]

TransLex is a team effort at the Center for Transnational Law (CENTRAL) at the University of Cologne, Germany.

Trans-Lex Team 2012

(from left to right)

Ulf Krause (Master of Bits and Bytes)
Julian Lafere (Master of Bits and Bytes)
Pia Hesse (Research, Document Editing)
Oliver Froitzheim, LL.M. (Project Management, Administration, Deputy Master of Bits and Bytes)
Alexander Lukas (Master of Bits and Bytes)
Nora Wisnagrotzky (Research, Document Editing)
Professor Dr. Klaus Peter Berger, LL.M. (Head)


Currently in Paris: Carolin Siekmann (Research, Document Editing)


Very special thanks go to David Hansmeyer ( who designed the logo of this webpage.

A project of CENTRAL, University of Cologne.