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Earliest reference to mediation in South Africa of April 1, 1837

Earliest reference to mediation in South Africa of April 1, 1837
[PDF received from the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa]

Head Quarters
King William’s Town
1st April, 1837

I hereby authorize and appoint Mr. M. B. Shaw to act in my name as Mediator between all the Native Tribes to whom a British Resident is not nominated, that Peace may be served; and I approve of the good understanding already effected by Mr. Shaw’s judicious mediation with the great [...] Chief “Joi” [?] and the [?] Chief “Qudidi” [?], by which war was honourably and discretely avoided. Mr. Shaw will impress upon all the Chiefs that their mutual good understanding will enable me to call upon them to aid Her Majesty’s Government in the suppression of the present wicked war, if called on by me through Mr. Shaw, to whom I thus delegate in these permits [?] my authority if hereafter necessary; and all the Chiefs are to regard the Enemies of the Queen of England, their Enemies, and to act accordingly when called on.
H. S. Smith
June Copy*

*The TransLex-Team thinks that this copy was produced to insert Queen Victoria who ascended the throne in June 1837.

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