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A court, holden att Boston, November 7th, 1632, Records of the governor and company of the Massachusetts bay in New England. Printed by order of the legislature (1853), at p. 101 et seq.

A court, holden att Boston, November 7th, 1632, Records of the governor and company of the Massachusetts bay in New England. Printed by order of the legislature (1853), at p. 101 et seq.
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A court, holden att Boston, November 7th, 1632


Present,           The Governr,                         Mr Nowell,

                       Deputy Governr,                   Mr Winthrop,

                       Mr Ludlowe,                          S: Bradstreete.

                       Mr Tresr,

FOR preservacon of good timbr for more necessary vses, it is ordered, that noe man shall fell any wood for palcing but such as shalbe vewed & allowed by the nexte Assistant, or some whome they shall depute to doe the same; this order not to extend to ground that is or shall be assigned to particulr persons.

It is ordered, that the difference betwixte Charles-Towne & Newe-Towne, for ground, shalbe referred to Mr Mavericke, Junr, Mr Alcocke, Mr Turner, & John Johnson, to vewe the ground, wood, & meadowe, & soe to sett downe the bounds betwixte them.

It is ordered, that the necke of land betwixte Powder Horne Hill & Pullen Poynte shall belonge to Boston, to be enioyed by the inhabitants thereof for euer.

It is likewise ordered, that the inhabitants of Boston shall haue liberty to fetch wood from Dorchester necke of land for 20 yeares, the propriety of the land to remaine to Dorchester.

Capt Traske, Mr Conant, Willm Cheesebrough, & John Perkins are appointed by the Court to sett downe the bounds betwixte Dorchester and Rocksbury. Ralfe Sprage is chosen vmpire.

There is 100 ac of land graunted to Mr Roger Ludlowe, to inioy to him & his heires for euver, lyeing bewixte Musquantum Chappell & the mouthe of Naponsett.

John Finch is ffined xs for wanting armes for his man, & for being absent himselfe from traineing.

Henry Lynn is ffined xs for absenting himselfe from traineing.

Mr Mathewe Cradocke is ffined iiijt for his men being absent from traineing dyvers times.

It is ordered, that the capt shall traine their companies but once a monethe.

It is ffurther agreed, that Sr Richard Saltonstall shall giue Saggamore John a hogshead of corne for the hurt his cattell did him in his corne.

It is ordered, that neithr Englishe or Indeans shall haue any more rewards giuen them for killing woolfes.

There is aboute 50 ac of mead ground graunted to John Winthrop, Esq, present Governr, lyeing betwixte Cobbetts howse & Wanottymies Ryver.

It is referred to Mr Turner, Peter Palfry, & Roger Conant to sett out a perporcon of land in Saugus for John Humfry, Esq.

Mr Phillips hath 30 ac of land graunted him vpp Charles Ryver, on the south side, begininge att a creeke a lyttle higher then the first pynes, & soe vpwards towards the ware.

It is ordered, that Robt Huitt & Mary Ridge shalbe whipt for committing fornicacon togeather, of wch they are convicted.

There is iiijt of Tho: Dexters ffine of vt forgiuen him.

6th Mrch, 1632.

IT was agreed by the parties appointed by the Court, that all the ground impaled by Newe towne men, wth the neck whereon Mr Graves his house standeth, shall belong to Newe towne, & that the bounds of Charlestowne shall end at a tree mrked by the pale, & to passe along from thence by a straight line vnto the midway betwixt the westermost part of the Governors greate lot & the nearest part thereto of the bounds of Watertowne.

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