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Turkmenistan Civil Code

Turkmenistan Civil Code
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Turkmenistan Civil Code


Article 409. Bringing Contract into Conformity with Changed Circumstances

1. If circumstances which became the grounds for the conclusion of a contract have clearly changed after the conclusion of the contract and the parties would not have concluded it or would have concluded it with other content, the bringing of the contract into conformity with the changed circumstances may be demanded insofar as taking into account individual instances, in particular, proceeding from the type of norms, strict compliance with the unchanged contract may not be demanded from the parties to the contract.

2. To changes of circumstances shall be equated also instances when conceptions which became the basis of the contract have turned out to be incorrect.

3. The parties in priority must endeavor to bring the contract into conformity with the changed circumstances

4. If bringing the contract into conformity with changed circumstances is impossible or the otherparty does not agree with this, the party whose interests have been violated may renounce the contract.

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