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ICC Award No. 12073, YCA 2008, 63 et seq.

ICC Award No. 12073, YCA 2008, 63 et seq.
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Award in case no. 12073 of 2003




2. Other Contractual Obligations


c. Duty of information (yes)

[17] "Claimant contends that it should have been informed by respondent of the Institute's requests for the purpose of the study. Even though the Contract does not expressly provide for a clause obliging the licensee to inform the licensor of facts and circumstances pertinent to the trade-mark and patent's protection, the Tribunal believes that respondent was effectively under such an obligation. First of all, such a clause is essential to any trade-mark and patent license agreement,and can as such be considered as an implied term of the Contract. Secondly, such information obligation is a general consequence of Art. 1134 of the French Civil Code, according to which contracts have to be performed in good faith. As a matter of fact, case law and doctrine are well settled that good faith performance implies a certain degree of spontaneous co-operation between the parties. Such co-operation imposes upon each party to inform the other party of any non-confidential information pertinent to the contract and useful to its interests.It should furthermore be pointed out that case law does not limit such information obligation to the pre-contractual stage, but extends it to the whole life of the contract.

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