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ICC Award No. 1250, YCA 1980, at 168 et seq.

ICC Award No. 1250, YCA 1980, at 168 et seq.



4. Damages The Lebanese distributor had claimed as damages resulting from the termination three years of lost profit based on the profit made in 1961, and, alternatively, based on the average of the last three years. Although it was not contested that the sales of claimant had gone up, the automotive sales market was too uncertain to apply the first alternative. The arbitrators took, therefore, the second method advanced by the claimant. They calculated the average net profit during these three years at approximately 150.000 Lebanese Pounds per year. Although the distributor had evaluated his claim on the basis of two years of lost profit, the arbitrators awarded him only one year as there were also difficulties on his side as recognised by him.

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