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Clive Schmitthoff

Clive Schmitthoff

„The evolution of an autonomous law of international trade, founded on universally accepted standards of business conduct, would be one of the most important developments of legal science in our time. It would constitute a common platform for commercial lawyers from all countries, those of planned and free market economy, those from civil law and common law, and those of fully developed and developing economy, which would enable them to co-operate in the perfection of the legal mechanism of international trade....

[I]t is justified to ask whether the modern law of international trade constitutes an autonomous legal order, independent of municipal law but admitted in their domain by authority of the municipal sovereign.”

Schmitthoff , in: Schmitthoff (ed.), The Sources of the Law of International Trade, 1964, p. 3, 5 and 35
(Reports held at a Colloquium of experts on “The New Sources of the Law of International Trade”, held at King’s College, London, from September 24-27, 1962)

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