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No. I.3.2 - Lex specialis-Principle

Specialized laws prevail over general laws ("lex specialis derogat legi generali").

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1 The Principle contains a generally recognized rule of interpretation pursuant to which the more specific provision takes precedence over the more general one.

2 The Principle is based on the presumption that, in enacting a law or drafting a contract provision, a lawmaker or contract drafter does not want to create a law or contractual provision that would be devoid of any scope of application. This would be the case if the general rule always prevailed.

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Arbitral Awards

ICC Award No. 5946 of 1990, YCA 1991, at 97 et seq.Iran-US Claims Tribunal, Amoco Int‘l Finance Corp. v. Iran, 15 IRAN-U.S. C.T.R., at 189 et seq. 

Court Decisions

Cour de cassation chambre criminelle, No. 02-80.893, 17th December 2002 


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