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2015-01-08 15:48:19

A new Principle was included in the TransLex-Principles relating to the severability of contract provisions. That Principles reflects a standard practice in the drafting of international business contracts.

2014-12-16 13:39:11

The famous (and lengthy!) dissent by Sir Alexander Cockburn of September 14, 1872 in the Alabama Claims Arbitration is now available in the Materials Section. A very special thank you goes to TransLex Team-Member Jakob Fleischmann for his unprecedented one-year-effort to prepare this text for inclusion in TransLex!

2014-10-02 09:02:47

The idea of a new world order of economic relations based on, among other things, the organization of transnational communities and markets, the architecture and content of modern transnational contracts and transactions, as well as the transnationalization of international business law and arbitral case law was discussed at the Beaune Meeting of the ICC International Court of Arbitration in September 2014.

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