Letter to the N.Y. Weekly Post Boy, 20th of May 1751, Three Centuries of Commercial Arbitration in New York: A Brief Survey, William Carton Jones, Washington University Law Review, Volume 1956, Issue 2, at Page 193 et seq.



I am sorry to hear that the Difference between you and Mr.

A is at last like to be brought to a Law-Suit.... The Law,

my good Friend, I look upon more than any one thing as the

proper Punishment of an overhasty & perverse Spirit, as it is a

Punishment that follows of a man's own seeking and chusing.

You will not consent perhaps now to submit the Matter in Dispute

to Reference; but let me tell you that after you have expended

large Sums of Money, and squander'd away a deal of Time & Attendance

on your lawyers, and Preparations for Hearings one

Term after another, you will probably be of another Mind, and be

glad Seven Years hence to leave it to that Arbitration which you

now refuse.


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