United Arab Emirates Law No. 5/1985, Official Journal No. 158 of December 29th, 1985

Civil Code


Introductory Chapter: General Provisions

First Section - Regulations regarding the applicability of the law and its validity according to time and place

3. Department - Local applicability of law

Art. 19"(1) Contractual Obligations are governed in questions of form and content of the contract by the law of the common domicile of the parties, if there is a common domicile; if they have a different domicile, the law of the country where the contract is concluded is applicable, unless the parties have agreed on the applicability of another law or unless it is evident from the circumstances that another law shall be applicable.

(2) However, contracts regarding immovable property are governed by the law of the country where the immovable property is situated

[Translated into English from the German translation of Hilmar Krüger and Norbert F. Küppers contained in Kropholler, Außereuropäische IPR-Gesetze, Hamburg 1999]

1Law No. 5/1985, Official Journal No. 158 of December 12th, 1985; Corrected in Official Journal No. 161 of March 31st, 1986.

Referring Principles
Trans-Lex Principle: XIV.2 - Law applicable to international contract
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