Sudanian Civil Code from May 24th, 1971, changed by supplement of the Democratic Republic Sudan‘s special legislation of the J.O. No. 1340 the February 16th, 1984.

Sudanian Civil Code


I. Private international law

The applicable law in certain circumstances

Art. 11"(13a)Contractual obligations are governed by the law of the common domicile of the parties, or, if there is no common domicile, by the law of the country where the contract is concluded, unless it is evident from the agreement of the parties or from the circumstances that another law shall be applicable.

[Translated into English from the German translation of Omaia Elwan contained in Kropholler, Außereuropäische IPR-Gesetze, Hamburg 1999]

1Civil Code from 24th May 1977, changed by decision of February 14th, 1984, supplement of the special legislation of J.O. of the Democratic Republic of Sudan No. 1340 from 16th February 1984.

Referring Principles
Trans-Lex Principle: XIV.2 - Law applicable to international contract
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