Ad Hoc-Award of October 27, 1883, Owners of M/S Parthenia (Mssrs. Houlder Bros and Co.) v. The Executors of the Late Ralph Firbank
27 Oct 1883
Houlder Bros & Co v. Owners of Parthenia
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I have carefully considered the matters in question between the owners of the "Parthenia" and Messrs. Houlder Bros & Co also between Messrs Houlder Bros & Co and the Executors of the late Ralph Firbank Esq and I decide as follows:-

That Messrs Houlder Bros & Co do by the 30th October 1883 pay to the Owners of the Parthenia the sum of £395.16.3 in full satisfaction of all demands.

That the Executors of the late Ralph Firbank Esq do pay to Messrs Houlder Bros & Co the sum of £260 with Interest at 5% per annum from 5th December 1882 to date of payment.

That the proceeds of the cement damaged & sold belong to the Executors of the late Ralph Firbank Esq.

(Sd) T. Scrutton



Arbitration fee

6. 6. 0

Legal opinion

-.6. 8

cement experiment


                               £ 6.12. 8

to the owners of the Parthenia

2. 4. 3

" the Messrs Houlder Bros & Co

2. 4. 3

" the Execs of the late R. Firbank

2. 4. 2

                                          6.12. 8

Referring Principles
Trans-Lex Principle: VII.6 - Duty to pay interest
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