Lalive, Pierre, The First World Bank Arbitration (Holiday Inns v. Morocco) - Some Legal Problems, 51 Brit.Yb.Int’l L. 1980, at 123 et seq.

On the claimants' side, it was strongly argued, hardly surprisingly, that such a consequence violated both common sense and recognized principles of interpretation, such as that of "efective interpretation" (ut res magis valeat quam pereat).1

1Cf., e.g., the cases of Acquisition of Polish Nationality (P.C.I.J., Series B, no. 7, pp. i6-i7), Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations (P.C.I.J.; Series B, no. 10, p. 25) and Interpretation of Peace Treaties (I.C.J. Reports, 1952, p. 229).

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