Anson, William R./Brierly, J. L., Principles of The English Law of Contract and of Agency in its Relation to Contract

Part. I. Formation of Contract

Chapter II - The Promise

6. The Offer must be one which in its natural meaning may be taken to contemplate, and which is capable of creating, legal relations


An offer, again, must be capable of creating legal relations. It is for the parties to See to it that the offer is such that, when it is accepted, a contract is formed; the Courts, as we have seen, will not constrtuct a contract for them out of terms which are indefinite or illusory . A bought a horse from X and promised that 'if the horse was lucky to him he would give £5 more or the buying of another horse': it was held that such a promise was too loose and vague to be considered in a court of law.

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