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2014-04-08 09:16:01

TransLex 3.0 was launched today. It’s more user-friendly than ever before and has a super fast search engine. TransLex 3.0 will be presented at the final rounds of the Vis Moot in Vienna!

2014-02-12 16:23:55

In February 2014 Professor Berger has presented the Beta-Version of Trans-Lex 3.0 in his lectures on "Transnational Commercial Law & International Arbitration" at Columbia Law School, New York.

2013-10-02 23:10:28

A new and long-awaited category of references has been opened for the TransLex-Principles. Under “Contract Clauses” you find a collection of contract provisions which reflect the fact that the relevant Principle is being used in international contract practice. So far, the new category has been opened for more than half of the Principles. The TransLex-Team will constantly expand this new category.

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