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2015-07-07 13:12:57

The contributions of Yildirim, Ayoglu, Marrella, Connerty, Eskiyörük and Osman from the Conference Proceedings „International Commercial Arbitration and The New Lex Mercatoria” (Yildirim/Eskiyörük eds 2014) are now available with permission as full text pdfs in the TransLex Bibliography.

2015-04-09 13:11:06

A new feature was added to further increase the userfriendliness of the full-text or semi full-text comparative law references for the TransLex-Principles: when the cursor is moved over a “post-it” which indicates that the relevant passage of the document is used as a reference for one of the TransLex-Principles, a window opens and shows the full text of the relevant TransLex-Principle.

2015-03-18 09:22:24

To further enhance the userfriendliness of the TransLex Principles, the text of footnotes in the comparative law references for each Translex Principle can now be read by moving the cursor to the footnote number in the text.

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