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Guest: Rashin - 2010-09-14 14:57:05

Creeping Codification

Hello community,

What is the difference between Prof. Berger's book "Creeping codification" 1st und 2nd edition? New chapters or only new references?

Thinking of buying the new ed.

Thank you a lot.

be - 2010-09-15 14:18:52

RE: Creeping Codification

We updated the book and included new text, e.g. on the significance of private governance in international business. Translex users will be particularly interested in the history of TransLex (dating back to the year 2000!), its predecessor, the "Tldb" and the genesis of certain TransLex-Principles over time, such as good faith and force majeure. A "highlight" of the new edition is the rare personal account by Professor Philippe Kahn from Dijon University France, on the "rediscovery" of the lex mercatoria concept by the research team led by Professor Berthold Goldman in the 1960s.

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